Our E-Lists enable AKMGMA members to post questions and/or reply directly from your own inbox.  Your inbox getting too full?  Set up a rule so forward these to a designated folder for future reference.  I've found that pushing to a designated folder - and then organizing that folder by 'thread' helps me decide which questions/topics I'm interested in reading or responding to.

The following E-Lists are ready for you to use:   

  • [email protected] ....Any industry topic you would like to discuss with your colleagues and AKMGMA vendors
  • [email protected] ... Human Resource focused topics.  Please note:  Allied members do not have access to this e-list
  • [email protected] ... Billing related questions/discussions
  • [email protected] ...Information, questions or discussions regarding education events past, present and future
  • [email protected] ... Information, questions or discussions regarding certification

Simply send an email/question to the list and it will forward to all current members.  Hit reply - and you're reply will go to all members.

If at any time you wish to not participate simply log into your profile on , go to your Features section and opt-out from there.  You can also opt-out be clicking the 'Unsubscribe' option at the very bottom of an E-List message.

This is just a quick reminder to follow a few simple rules of etiquette to ensure that the discussions continue to be helpful to everyone: - remember that this information is

not "anonymous"
- refrain from posting anything that could be considered anti-competitive
- be respectful of others that are posting
- be professional
- respond to all when appropriate so others can get the benefit of your post
- for a complete set of rules and etiquette suggestions, go to the MGMA Member Community Code of Conduct.